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Novel Ideas

Wafels & Dinges Order Belgian Waffles('Wafels') for breakfast or a quick snack throughout the day - delivery nation wide. Try their gift boxes with a trio of toppings !

Looking for some new restaurants ?

In these "work-at-home" and "social-distancing" times, perhaps you could try some of the "Best Take-Out Restaurants in Plano" (January 2021)

Or stick with the established great eats...

Panera Bread Order lunch from their website or through the App - or just order and enjoy in the restaurant at Gates of Prosper.

Products and services recommended and/or reviewed by Parkside HOA residents

Some specific product recommendations as referenced throughout this site...

Although our homes were build in 2018 and later, it seems that our builders like to continue to use incandecent and halogen lights - instead of doing the right thing for the environment and your electricity bill and use equivalent LED light bulbs. For the light fixtures you choose yourself you likely were smart enough to think about energy costs and pick LED bulbs but... it's very likely that build-in cabinet lights and others are still 'old' technology - and as such will burn out quickly and consume multiples of what they should in terms of KWatts.

  • When your cabinet (and hood) halogen lights start failing, check here for some discounted replacement LED lights - i.e. GU10 50W Halogen equivalent replacements on Amazon (~$14 for 6 !).
  • For in-ceiling lights, check out the 100W equivalent E26 full size bulbs on Amazon (~$23 for 4)
  • Tip: whenever you order LED lights, do specifically check for the light 'temperature' which is an indication of the kind of white light (i.e. natural or warm white or the cold white variant).

Looks like a lot of homes were installed wih the Honeywell AC systems, using centralized air filters up in the attic. These use the 20x25x4 filters which can be quite expensive, so make sure you look at these quality (and affordable) replacement options...

FilterBuy 20x25x4 MERV 13 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filter

Filtrete MPR 1000 DP 20x25x4 (4-3/8-Inch Depth) AC Furnace Air Filter, Micro Allergen Defense Deep Pleat

If you are looking for some expensive gifts... look for the speakers and the table in this David Guetta guest house setup...

The speakers are Barefoot SOund MicroMain27s and will set you back about $10,000

The table ? 8 meters long...