About Prosper...

The Town of Prosper has a pretty good website, used as the central hub for all city services (which includes the Park service, Utilities, and any other government and governance related topics). It seems to be mostly a manual effort though - case in point being the event section which for that reason has very limited coverage.

In case you want a quick read of what is Prosper all about, how it changed over the years, and the main topics on the public agenda (how to accomodate the growth of 380 traffic together or not so together with McKinney) you should read the "2019 State of the Town" presentation by Major Ray Smith. A worthwhile download (PDF) and read.

The town services have a way to go to connect to the future... yes, you can see your bill online, but if you like to pay your bill online you get charged to use a credit card. I guess they rather continue to receive checks and do the administration of those - which has to be more expensive than paying the fees associated with a merchant account and taking online payments through an established service.

The slogan of the town, or tagline, has changed to "A place where everyone matters" - not exactly inspiring, but definitely a nice inclusive message.

Prosper Magazine is a great resource delivered to each resident mailbox on a monthly basis - and online. They support some of the biggest Prosper events hosted in Frontier Park, including Music In The Park, Summerfest, Prosper Downtown Live,  Pride In The Sky (the 4th of July event), and Pumpkinfest. Take a look at their event list on Facebook. Another publication covering Prosper (and quite a few of the surrounding areas) is 380 Guide which obviously covers the 380 "highway" corridor.

Looking for a place to live in Prosper, but for whatever reason (which I wouldn't understand) you are not convinced of the Parkside community ? Then take a look at these alternatives:

  • Whitley Place (offering three of the same builders: Drees Custom Homes, Highland Homes and Huntington Homes - along with some additional custom builders)
  • Windsong Ranch: a master planned community of over 2,000 acres